Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Fun Resource for Boise Foster Children!

Due to the One Church One Child's (West Hub) new partnership with Boise Parks and Rec, every child in foster care has access to a scholarship fund up to $500 each for Boise Parks and Recreation activities, classes, sports, swimming passes, and camps on this link:,-classes-and-sports/

The scholarship form, and scholarship guidelines, that is used to sign up and waive costs for any of these activities can be downloaded here.

Winter and Spring activities, classes, and program sign-ups are currently open. 


Foster parents must be Boise residents for the child to qualify. Foster parents or social workers can fill out the form, but only social workers can submit the scholarship to Parks and Recreation office via email, as a DHW.IDAHO.GOV email will verify and grant full scholarship for the child without having to disclose their foster care status in the application. So please, do not write that the child is in foster care on the application, there is no need. Also, just write 0, on the space which asks what the family can pay. Multiple applications for the same child can be submitted throughout the year as other classes begin. The only limit is the allotted $500 per child. This amount resets back up to $500 every October. That is about it for how to fill it out, the rest is pretty straightforward, short, and simple. Please read the scholarship guidelines before signing the form. The scholarship guidelines are attached to the above downloadable scholarship form.

If you have any questions, please contact Jonathan Wakeman at 

This is the beginning of a yearly partnership that we hope provides many good memories and ways for Boise children to have fun and learn new skills. 


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