WCID: 41791
Status: Available
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Race/Culture: Black or African American


Alaysa, aka "Ally", is a beautiful Black girl. Her beautiful bright hazel eyes sometimes hold a sparkle of mischief. She can be sweet and engaging when she is feeling secure. Ally loves to dance and sing, swim, play basketball and tennis and roller blade. She likes recreational activities, especially the bumper boats and go-carts. She also enjoys art and all kinds of music. She has an Individual Education Plan for some school support; she enjoys school and is often described by teachers/school staff as a good student. Ally might like to be a teacher someday. Her friends would describe her as someone who is friendly, feisty, and likes to tell jokes. Ally is very active and on the go, she loves to go out to eat and see the latest movie. She is interested in running track and playing on a school or community basketball team. The summer of 2015 she was able to ride horses and would love to have more equestrian opportunities. She would like to have a family that enjoys an active lifestyle and enjoy supporting their child(ren) in after school sports/activities. Ally recently jointed a teen girl church group and enjoyed the activities and being part of a similar age group of girls.

Ally is looking for a loving family of a stable couple or single mom who can provide her with unconditional love, trust, patience and a family has experience and knowledge when it comes to responding to children who have experienced trauma. It is important to Ally that one or both parents are black/african-american or mixed race.  She needs a loving family where she can be the only child or with much older siblings is a good fit for her. Ally enjoys animal/pet interaction and does well with care giver supervision learning how to care for and interact with animals/pets. She would like to remain contact with her aunts by calling and writing and would like to visit her relatives in Kentucky and Ohio someday.