The Wednesday's Child team would like to thank Ben and Maureen Woitas at Coeur d'alene Jump for Joy for graciously welcoming us and allowing Isaiah to experience Jumpy houses for the first time!

WCID: 22270
Status: Available
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Race/Culture: Black or African American


One look at 7 year old Isaiah will melt your heart! Although Isaiah has difficulty communicating verbally, he is learning to sign and is quick to try to help his caregivers know what his needs are. Isaiah is full of energy and has developed physical ways of letting the people in his life that he trusts and feels safe with, know that they are special to him. Isaiah enjoys any activity that fills his sensory needs, including playing with older children and any outside activity-particularly jumping on the trampoline!

Isaiah's permanency team is searching for an adoptive family who is willing and able to be fully committed to his ongoing intensive therapeutic needs, as these services are crucial to his continued growth and development and will enable him to reach his full potential. An average day for Isaiah consists of specialized education in the public school setting, followed by transportation to a local behavioral and developmental service agency, where he works with different therapists for the remainder of the afternoon. Structure and routine help Isaiah to thrive in all areas of his life. Isaiah has been with his current team of providers for quite some time and they would love to be a part of helping his new family understand his needs and more about who he is. A perfect fit for Isaiah would be an adoptive home where he would be the youngest child in the family and might include a stay at home parent, although his team is excited and open as well to speaking with families who may not meet this exact criteria.

Patience, understanding, and a heart for children with significant developmental delays will be foundational in the right family for Isaiah. If you believe that you may be the special family his team has been searching for, please inquire for more information about Isaiah today!

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