Kahsiya, Deshawn, Araeya, Ziarra, & Shamar

Thank you to the crew at Jump In at the Pine Ridge Mall in Pocatello for making it such a fun day for all!


WCID: 70018
Status: Available
Age: 9 (Kahsiya), 7 (Deshawn), 5 (Araeya), 3 (Ziarra & Shamar)
Gender: Female
Race/Culture: Black or African American


Intent on staying together, this beautiful group of 5 siblings will melt your heart! Kahsiya, the oldest, is a quiet, thoughtful and nurturing soul who shows endless patience with her younger siblings. Kahsiya has a smile that can light up a room! She is a good student and loves to spend her free time coloring, doing art projects, reading and playing outside.

Deshawn is an active boy who loves being a helper. He enjoys swimming, camping and riding his bike or scooter. Deshawn is funny and kind and also does well in school. He is respectful of others and is so much fun to spend time with.

Middle child Araeya is much more outgoing and talkative than the rest of her siblings and loves to be the center of attention and in charge! Araeya is such a big helper as well, when it comes to interacting with her younger brother and sister. Her favorite activities include playing outside, coloring and swimming and her inquisitive nature is endearing.

Twins Ziarra and Shamar are too adorable for words! Shamar is more outgoing and chatty than his twin sister. Ziarra has a super sweet, quieter disposition. She loves to do hair and play with babies and dolls. Ziarra is very cuddly with people she knows and trusts. Shamar and Ziarra get along very well with each other and share a special bond. Both love to learn and explore and enjoy going to preschool.

Kahsiya and her siblings are extremely attached and bonded to one another and need to find a Forever Home together. A nurturing, very active family who can support the children’s cultural identity as well as their continued connection to the important people in their lives, would be a perfect fit! The children’s Permanency Team is searching for a two parent family, with no other young children in the home, and at this time is only interested in inquiries from families who reside in either Idaho or Utah and who already have an approved adoptive home study completed.

If you believe that you have room in both your heart and your home to be the Forever Family these deserving children have been waiting for, please inquire today!

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