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WCID: 21470
Status: Available
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White


Meet 14 year old Matt, an outgoing and funny young man whose favorite activities include video gaming; computers; basketball; BMX bike riding and just hanging out with friends. Matt is inquisitive, talkative and engaging with those around him and doesn't mind at all being the center of attention!

Matt has had much loss in his young life and can struggle at times in processing through his grief. His permanency team describes a great fit for Matt as a single or two parent family where he could ideally be the only or youngest child in the home, although they are open to considering all types of family situations for Matt.

Other areas important to finding just the right fit in a family for Matt include parents who prefer not to engage in power struggles and can understand that children in Matt's situation are most successful when they feel listened to, respected and can have some control when appropriate over decisions that affect them. A family that does not "keep score" in relationships and can begin each day fresh would be an ideal match for Matt and could truly help him navigate the feelings that come with the difficult situations he has experienced. Parents who have or are willing to gain an understanding of how childhood trauma can affect children emotionally, developmentally and academically will be key to Matt's successful transition through adolescence and into adulthood. The ability to meet him "where he is at" in these areas as well as the ability to guide and motivate him through his therapeutic services, even when he may not be able to see the benefit in them, would go a long way in positively parenting Matt.

Matt's team would ideally love to find a committed family for Matt in the North Idaho area to preserve several important connections Matt has in the area, however are open to finding out more about families residing out of the area if they feel they are a great fit for Matt. If you believe that you have what Matt is looking for in his Forever Family, please inquire today.

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