Photo courtesy of Samuel Jones Photography.
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WCID: 46762
Status: Available
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White


 Nathan is a remarkable young man who is a sophomore in high school.  He has had a great start this year in school!  He loves gaming and making videos, and he loves being creative!  

One thing that is incredibly unique about Nathan is that he loves to make marionettes and is extremely talented at it!  Nathan would like a family that can support, encourage, and even help with this creative side of him.   He feels it is appropriate for parents to strongly encourage young people to branch out beyond their comforts to engage in something that they are talented at but might be reluctant.  He hopes for a family that not only understands creativity but can see the value and beauty in anything.   

His advice to others and the motto he lives by is …. “Don’t give up….never give up….I’m not going to give up.”

Nathan’s permanency team feels that a family with the experience and/or knowledge of trauma-informed parenting, or the willingness to learn, is really important.  Along with being trauma-informed, knowledge and/or experience in the area of meeting specific developmental needs would also be very helpful.  Nathan will benefit from a family that can meet him where he is at and teach him the life skills he needs as an emerging young adult, while supporting his creative abilities.  

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