WCID: 514575
Status: Available
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White


If you have a passionate love of books, Saleina may be just the girl for you! Saleina is a voracious reader. She shared with us that for her, “Every time I open a book it’s a new world and a new place and I get to be those characters.” She enjoys Harry Potter and Anime, however, her favorite books by far are fantasy novels. Saleina is working on writing a fantasy book of her own and dreams of being a published author one day.


Saleina is in choir at school and has a beautiful singing voice! She enjoys drawing and coloring and likes to play around with Photoshop on the computer. Saleina loves to bake and tells us that she makes a mean batch of brownies! She loves to swim and to travel and hopes to be a part of a Forever Family who will take her to see amazing places all around the world! Saleina tells us that she likes being around people who are sarcastically funny and can joke around with her. Her favorite trait about herself is that she loves pretty much everyone she meets. In addition to being an author, Saleina is also interested in being a singer, a Paleontologist, an Archeologist or a librarian one day.
This beautiful young lady wants people to know that, even though she will be an adult in a few short years, she still very much needs and wants a permanent family. Saleina’s team believes that a great fit for her would be a two parent family, possibly one with younger siblings in the home. A family who resides in the Southern or Eastern Idaho area would be wonderful, however Saleina’s team is open to talking with any family who feels they may be the right family for her. Saleina would thrive in a home with caregivers who are patient, value assisting her educationally and those who would find joy in her and a connection with her fun and quirky personality. If getting to know a bit about Saleina has you feeling that your family could be a wonderful, supportive and loving Forever Match for her, please contact us today!

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