WCID: 32372
Status: Available
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White


Tashea is dreaming about a new family who lives on a ranch or a farm.This unique girl LOVES horses and feels right at home in a country setting!

A little shy at first, Tashea sometimes takes her time getting to know and trust new people in her life. She is, however, very eager to make new connections and is SO excited about the possibility of being adopted! Once Tashea lets you into her heart, it will have all been worth the wait! An outdoorsy girl with a love of camping, hiking, horseback riding and going to the beach -Tashea also enjoys sports and would love to play on a soccer or volleyball team someday.

Tashea is a great student who is on track academically and genuinely enjoys school. She is interested in learning a foreign language and is a voracious reader, with her current taste in books being all about Sci-Fi, Werewolves and Vampires! Tashea is a very smart girl who knows all sorts of random facts about different things. Emotionally, Tashea is a calm soul, and is not a child who is quick to anger or act out. Although these are wonderful traits for a teenager to have, sometimes her personality can make it difficult for her to say no to people when she should, or for her to advocate or stand up for herself in social settings and relationships. A strong female role-model could go far in helping Tashea further realize her own self-worth.

When asked about what type of a family would be the perfect fit for her, Tashea described a single mom, or a two parent home with a strong and involved mom. She might enjoy having young siblings but would do best as the only teenager in the home. Tashea also would not mind at all being the only child and being able to be the main focus of her new family.

Parents who are calm, understanding of her trauma, and who can set clear and direct boundaries and expectations would be a really great match for Tashea’s needs. This strong and resilient girl is such a gentle soul, any family would be blessed beyond measure to have her as a part of their life. If you are the family that it sounds like Tashea is searching for, please inquire about her today!



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