WCID: 38851
Status: Available
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White


“Hi, I’m Travis. I’m mostly quiet and shy. I like to go camping and fishing and to ride 4-wheelers. I like to go Geocaching, play games, and help my foster dad build stuff. I also really like gymnastics. I can do a cartwheel already and am going to start gymnastics class soon. It is my favorite thing. I also like to go to youth group every week because they do fun activities.

I would like a mom and dad who will love me and take care of me and not yell. I want the rules to be fair and consequences are OK, but not to sit in my room for two hours, maybe just ten minutes. I would like a family that goes to church."

Travis's strengths are that he likes to please adults and is genuinely kind, thoughtful, and helpful. He is always the first to say thank you, and to act if he sees a need he can meet. He has a great sense of humor and a wonderful smile. He thrives on positive attention from adults. He is enjoyable and happy a lot of the time.

Travis has made tremendous progress in the school setting this year. He is attending a public junior high and while he spends most of his day in a supported classroom setting, he has also done very well in a few general education class settings. He has been ‘caught being good’ several times; earning tickets that can be exchanged for items from the school store. He happily reported that he got tickets for, “picking up litter, picking up posters that fell down, helping with the garden, and being nice to other kids.”

More difficult areas of need are related to times when Travis' behavior may be hard to understand or when he feels less lovable. Simply put, Travis needs patience when folks may feel they have none left. Travis doesn't learn, process, or remember in the same the way most other kids can. He is not usually capable of cause and effect learning. Travis needs a very structured home and parents who can give information in small doses. He needs parents who can help him reach developmental milestones without expecting him to do it at the same rate as other children. Travis can struggle to take accountability for his actions, or understand other people’s perspectives. He can also get ‘stuck’ on certain ideas or worries and has a hard time moving past them. He needs parents who will give gentle and consistent reminders of appropriate behaviors and social interactions. Best results will achieved when Travis feels safe, loved, supported, and that he can work at his own pace to accomplish tasks and goals.

The close supervision of at least one patient at-home parent will be a must. Travis can get along with other children if there is an adult to help him interpret social cues and to coach his interactions.

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