Zoe and Naomi

Thank you so much to Frank and Heather at Frank Kolvachek Photography for Zoe and Naomi's beautiful pictures!

WCID: 43068
Status: Available
Age: 7 (Naomi) & 11 (Zoe)
Gender: Female
Race/Culture: Black or African American


Zoe and Naomi are adorable sisters who can’t wait to find their Forever Family! Older sister Zoe just finished the 5th grade. She enjoys playing with girly things, like her Littlest Pet Shop toys. Zoe has a passion for books and is an avid reader. She likes to draw and color and also has fun doing pixle art on her I-Pad. Zoe reports that her favorite food is fishsticks and that she loves ice cream. An active and bright girl, Zoe can sometimes be a bit more reserved than her little sister when it comes to getting to know and trust new people.

Younger sister Naomi is charismatic and outgoing! She is excited to be spending her summer time swimming and playing at the park. Naomi shares her sister’s love of ice cream and also enjoys eating many different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Naomi is adventurous and loves to go to local fun centers where they have indoor and outdoor activities like bowling, mini-golf, go-karts and games. Naomi would love to share her new adoptive home with a cat, but is not really comfortable around dogs.

Zoe and Naomi were both born prematurely and have also suffered trauma, neglect, grief and loss in their young lives. Adoptive parents who are, or are willing to invest the time to become trauma informed, would be best equipped to love these girls through their struggles and assist them in continuing to move forward developmentally, emotionally and academically. Active and patient parents with a sense of humor and who like to play and have fun would be a great fit for these precious siblings!

Zoe and Naomi’s Permanency Team is seeking a two parent adoptive family, one who ideally resides in Nampa or the surrounding Treasure Valley, Idaho area. Parenting these beautiful girls will be such a rewarding experience! Please inquire today if you feel that you have what it takes to be just the right family for them!




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