Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information:

Idaho Wednesday's Child is working to provide our families and kids with additional support, resources and information. We will have a section dedicated to COVid-19 family resources available on our website soon.

How come the caseworker has not called me about my inquiry?

Often caseworkers are swamped with inquiries and most often will only call the ones that have submitted a homestudy because of their already large workloads. If a family does not have a homestudy, the Idaho Wednesday's Child coordinators do their best to point families in the direction they need to go to complete one and then helps that family submit it to the team once it is complete. Some teams will contact non-homestudy families and some won't depending on the number of inquiries coming in. If a family has submitted a homestudy and has still not heard, they can contact Idaho Wednesday's Child and we will help.