Meet Alaysa.

Thank you to Triple Play Family Fun Park for providing Ally with unlimited Arcade time! Ally's beautiful photography is courtesy of Pennie Collinson. 

WCID# 41791
Gender: Girl
Age: 16
Ethnicity/Race: Black or African American

Alaysa, aka "Ally", is just starting to come into her own as an adolescent with many interests and hobbies. Her bright hazel eyes sometimes hold a sparkle of mischief however she is sweet and engaging when she is feeling secure. Ally loves to dance and sing, swim, play basketball and tennis and roller blade. She particularly enjoys art and all kinds of music.

Ally has an Individual Education Plan for some school support in place and thrives when in the public-school environment. Ally's teachers have regularly described her as a good student and she has shared that she might like to be a teacher someday. Ally's circle of friends would describe her as someone who is friendly, feisty, and likes to tell jokes. Not one to just sit around, Ally would much rather be on the go and enjoys shopping, playing video games, seeing the latest movies and going out to eat. Ally's wish is for a Forever Family that enjoys an active lifestyle and values supporting their children in after school sports and/or activities.

Ally is looking for a loving family of a stable couple or single mom who can provide her with unconditional love, trust and patience. A family that has experience and knowledge when it comes to responding to children who have experienced trauma would be an ideal fit for Ally. Though Ally is drawn to smaller children and animals and can be very nurturing, her own history of abuse, neglect, grief and loss makes it difficult for her sometimes to fully understand how to safely care for those in her life who may be even more vulnerable than she is. A family who understands that children who have experienced serious childhood trauma often need supervision, guidance and reassurance while learning how to nurture and care for those around them would be such an asset to Ally. A family who can take their time getting to know her and is willing to work through the ups and downs of adolescence and her transition into adulthood would reap the benefits of calling this amazing girl their own.

It is important to Ally that one or both of her adoptive parents are Black or mixed race and she is best suited for a loving family where she can be the only child. Ally hopes to visit her birth family relatives in Kentucky and Ohio someday. An adoptive family's ability to support her ongoing healthy relationship via phone and letter writing with important members of her biological family would go far in proving to Ally that it is safe for her to move forward in her new life, as well as be proud of where she has come from.Life with Ally will never be dull! If this one of a kind girl might be just the one your family has been searching for, please inquire about Ally today!

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