Meet Austin.

Idaho Wednesday's Child would like to give a special thank you to the Big Red Barn Petting Zoo for providing Austin with a fun experience!

WCID# 10611
Gender: Boy
Age: 15
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

Let me introduce you to Austin, one amazing young man! Austin’s permanency team is searching for a caring and very committed single dad or two parent family of any age to make Austin’s wish for a Forever Home come true. Austin would thrive in a family with a Dad who is truly hands on and engaged in day to day parenting, one who will spend time with him participating in outdoor activities such as swimming and camping. An ideal fit for Austin would be a home where he would be the only child or the youngest child in the family. It is important to Austin that his new family will support his continued connection with past caregivers who he values his relationships with.

Austin would love to be part of a family that lives in the country or on a farm as he is great with animals and loves riding horses. He has participated in Equine Therapy in the past and it is said that he was the only one who could calm a certain high strung horse! Austin will need a family that values therapeutic services like equine therapy and counseling and will support his continued engagement in these areas.

Austin’s permanency team describes him as kind and caring and states that one of his best attributes is that he doesn’t “keep score” in relationships. This bright and curious boy would like a Christian family as his faith is very important to him. Austin has some sensory needs and is often very literal or “black and white” in his thinking and in his perception of other people’s actions. A great fit for him would include parents who can provide him with consistent social cues and support him by creating for him a safe space of his own for downtime when he is feeling overwhelmed. Offering Austin choices whenever possible will go far in building trust and cooperation and he truly thrives in settings where he is provided with routine and structure that he can count on.

Austin would be grateful for parents who are patient and understanding homework helpers! A family who has or is willing to gain knowledge surrounding developmental/social delays and how trauma and neglect can affect children’s development would be a great match for Austin. Austin's team is specifically searching for an adoptive family who resides in Idaho or Eastern Washington. If you are someone who values starting every day with a clean slate and believe you possess the qualities to be the parent who can love and guide this intelligent, loyal and resilient young man as he becomes everything he is capable of being, please inquire about Austin today!

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