Meet Christian.

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WCID# 39477
Gender: Boy
Age: 12
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

Christian is a sweet, affectionate soul who loves to give hugs to the important people in his life. Some of his favorite things include swimming, camping, RC cars, playing basketball and building with Legos-and he never turns down an opportunity for a good Nerf Gun war! Christian loves all animals, but especially hopes to have a cat or a dog of his own in his new adoptive home. Some of his favorite foods include pepperoni pizza and Subway sandwiches.

Christian would shine in an environment that is very structured both in the home and in school. While he struggles academically and will need a lot of help in school, he is very smart and recently made the A/B honor roll for the semester. He genuinely wants to do well and be successful in school! Christian aims to do good and follow the rules but it is sometimes hard for him as he is FULL of energy! A home that understands that he sometimes needs to just "go outside and burn off energy" would be a great fit for him! A family that can celebrate his small successes each day will be key to helping this special boy understand how smart, lovable and valuable he truly is.

Christian's permanency team is searching for a single or two parent family who has, or is willing to gain, knowledge about how exposure to significant childhood trauma can impact every area of a child's growth and development. Christian does not respond well to caregivers with a rigid or authoritarian parenting style but would flourish in a home where his adoptive family can be forgiving and understanding of his trauma and begin each day fresh. Christian craves one on one time and wants to make connections with adults. He tends to seek out adults as role models and really craves healthy adult relationships. He needs a positive role model who has energy, is engaging, and genuinely cares about what he has to say- but who can also set clear and consistent boundaries and expectations. Christian has other siblings that he is not able to be placed with, except for one. His brother Kyle is also looking for a Forever Home and strongly desires to live with his brother, Christian. The best fit for Christian would be a home where he may be an only child, or can live with his brother Kyle, or a family with older siblings that he can look up too. His permanency team is searching for adoptive parents who value these important, existing biological family relationships and can continue to nurture them whenever it is safe and in his best interest to do so, with hopes of finding a home that will keep Christian and Kyle together. Check out Kyle's Idaho Wednesday's Child Profile Here!

Christian will make such a great addition to just the right family. If you believe that family may be yours, please inquire about Christian today!

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