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Meet Damian, Izaiah, Leah, and Dezi.

Thank you Altitude Trampoline Park for providing the fun production location and a big shout out to Macy Snelson photography for the pictures!

WCID# 50082
Gender: 3+ Siblings -Girl and Boys
Age: 13
Ethnicity/Race: Latino/a or Hispanic

Have you been searching for a sibling group to build your family? Damian, Izaiah, Leah and Dezi are wonderful kids who are sure to bring so much joy to their Forever Family!  

Oldest brother Damian is kind, loving and very protective of his younger siblings. Damian cares about his appearance and thrives on order and routine. He is a responsible young man who prides himself on only spending 1/3 of any money he earns or gets as a gift, and saving the rest for his future. Damian loves Subway and Chinese food. He tells us that he is a good cook and might like to become a chef one day. Damian enjoys spending time playing basketball, football, soccer and riding his bike and has been on his school’s track team in the past. This determined young man also likes Greek Mythology, playing board games and Super Smash Bros and anything Harry Potter related.  

Second in line is Izaiah.  He is an engaging boy and wants people to know that he is smart, funny, humble, and a great brother! When asked what he would want if he could have one wish come true, this compassionate young man stated that he would want to “make a city where all of  the homeless people could have their own homes.” Izaiah isn’t sure what he plans to do in the future, but for now he loves math; board games; reading adventure books like the Percy Jackson series; playing basketball and soccer, and pretty much doing anything else that involves being outdoors.  

Little Leah is a firecracker! This spirited girl can hold her own with 3 brothers and enjoys many of the same things that they all like, including soccer and basketball. Leah loves to dance and sing, especially to country music, and P.E. is her favorite class at school. She enjoys going to church, playing with her friends and baking. Leah loves all animals but is obsessed with horses! She describes her dream day as one where “the sun is always shining and I get to ride horses all day and eat lots of Takis!”

Being the youngest sibling, Dezi is used to being the center of attention from his brothers and sister, but that doesn’t stop him from putting other people first. This outgoing, sweet guy prides himself on being kind and he especially likes to give hugs to people when he can tell that they are having a bad day. Dezi plans to become a police officer someday. For now though, he spends his time riding bikes, playing Beyblades, reading “Pete the Cat” books and playing Fortnite. He loves his siblings very much and can’t wait until they’re all together with their new family! Dezi wants prospective families to know that a good fit for him is a family who is active and loves spending family time together doing fun activities or just hanging out at home.  

The Permanency Team for Damian and his siblings is searching for families who already possess a completed and approved adoptive home study and is ideally looking for a family that resides in the Southern Idaho area. A family with both a mom and a dad, preferably without other children in the home, would be the perfect fit, however the team is open to hearing from folks who may have other children in the home as well. These children will need a family committed to helping them preserve some important family connections. If you believe that you have what it takes to give these 4 fabulous siblings a lifetime of commitment and all of the unconditional love they so deserve, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Learn more about this fun sibling group! Watch their KTVB interview here!            

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Inquire about Damian, Izaiah, Leah, and Dezi!

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