Meet Danielle.

It only takes spending a little bit of time with Danielle, who likes to go by Dani, to see all of the potential this young girl possesses. Her outgoing spirit, fun sense of humor, kindness, amazing resiliency and positive outlook on life are quickly evident!

WCID# 19466
Gender: Girl
Age: 12
Ethnicity/Race: Black or African American

Thank you so much to Kaylee, Brittney and the staff at The Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park in Spokane Valley and to Tracy at Trace Bee Photography for making Danielle's Day so special!

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Dani, who loves basketball and has played on local Park and Rec teams before, is a big Gonzaga fan! This athletic girl would also love to learn to play volleyball someday soon. Her favorite class in school is PE and she also enjoys many other outdoor activities like swimming, camping and riding bikes. Aside from being physically active, Dani likes to spend her free time playing video games, going to the movies, reading comic book graphic novels, singing, and listening to hip-hop music. Her favorite foods include salads, shrimp, crab, sushi and guacamole, but her all-time favorite food is the cotton candy at Disneyland! Dani is an animal lover and wishes that she could one day have either a Panda Bear or a Koala of her own to care for. She is a very nurturing soul and is really good with younger kids in the home. Dani dreams of someday becoming either a preschool or Kindergarten teacher.

Dani would thrive in a family who is familiar with and practices TBRI parenting and believes in do-overs and in starting each day fresh, with a clean slate. Her Permanency Team is open to either a two parent or a single mom family who is active, structured but easy-going, and who can give this one of a kind girl all of the love, attention, stability and support that she truly deserves! Dani has siblings and needs a family who really values those bonds and will work to help nurture and keep those important connections for her.

This inspiring girl has so much to offer her adoptive family. If you feel as though your family may be a great fit for Dani, please inquire to learn more about her today!

Inquire about Danielle!

Inquire about Danielle!


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