Meet Eli, Areana, Zech, and Caleb.

WCID# 7706
Gender: 3+ Siblings -Girl and Boys
Age: 12
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

Eli is honest and kindhearted and prides himself on being a great big brother! He loves Minecraft, Legos and video games, especially MarioKart. Eli enjoys many non-competitive sports including swimming and rock climbing. He has a passion for reading and can easily get lost in his books for hours at a time. He shared with us that his favorite series right now is Minecraft and that if he had one wish he thinks it would be awesome to be able to live inside the world of Minecraft! Eli plays Cello in the school orchestra and is really good at telling imaginative stories. He has aspirations of one day becoming a lumberjack or a conservationist so that he can protect Panda Bears.  

Areana is a nurturing young lady who is full of love and laughter! She is a caretaker at heart and especially loves taking care of babies. Areana enjoys art, cooking, swimming, gymnastics and participating in choir at school. Areana is passionate about animals, especially flamingos and horses! She loves reading about them and has her own prized collection of toy horses. Areana hopes to become a Veterinarian one day so that she can take care of all of the animals! This loving girl’s Christian faith is very important to her and she is longing for a Forever family who will support that important part of who she is.  

Zech was blessed with a very smart brain! He can’t get enough of learning and is currently into electronics and anything having to do with circuitry. Zech will thrive in a home where his new family never tires of hearing him talk about his passion for learning! Zech loves competition but is also equipped with a wonderful sense of fairness and an ease for making friendships. He enjoys running, soccer, swimming, and rock climbing and he also plays the viola in school. Like most boys his age, Zech never turns down the chance at playing a good video game, especially a Pokemon challenge! Zech’s faith is also a very important part of his life. This well-rounded boy plans to go to college to become an Electrical Engineer.

Caleb is a tender-hearted ball of energy! He loves running and gymnastics and never tires of showing off his tricks to all who will watch. Caleb loves being the youngest in the family and basks in all of the attention he receives from his older siblings and caregivers. Reading and listening to Christian music in the car are a few more of Caleb’s favorite things. If Caleb could have one wish, he tells us that he would wish for “the power to stop bad guys.” This outgoing young man already has big plans in place to one day become either a Police Officer or an EMT. 

Eli and his siblings would be a wonderful fit for an energetic, active family who understands the big feelings that come when children experience grief and loss. The Permanency Team for this resilient foursome is searching for a two parent family, either with or without other children in the home, who can be committed to helping them maintain some important connections. An ideal fit for these siblings would be an Idaho family in the Treasure Valley area, however their team is open to all inquiring families. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime with these 4 spectacular siblings, please inquire today!      

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