Meet Jamareon.

Jamareon, who sometimes goes by “J” or “AJ”, is a natural athlete who enjoys whatever sport happens to be in season, particularly football and basketball. He likes to read and also enjoys listening to music and hanging out with his friends. Jamareon can be a bit quiet and thoughtful upon first meeting new people, but has an amazing smile and a wonderful laugh that come out once he starts to feel comfortable and knows he can trust someone.

WCID# 43859
Gender: Boy
Age: 16
Ethnicity/Race: Black or African American

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The Idaho Wednesday's Child program would love to thank Tiffany Claus Photography (208-380-4833) in Pocatello for Jamareon's amazing photos!

Having been through more than his fair share of disappointments and struggles in his young life, Jamareon still manages to continue to keep a positive attitude and holds on to hope that the family that is meant for him is out there somewhere, just waiting for him to come along. He describes his ideal family as “a family where they are good huggers and just let me be a kid when I want to.” Jamareon thrives on positive, one on one attention and is looking for a sports-minded, active caregiver. He wants a family who will be attentive, affectionate and playful with him. Also crucial in terms of a good fit for Jamareon would be parents who have an understanding of how profound loss and childhood trauma can affect a child’s social, emotional and academic growth and development. It is crucial for the important people in Jamareon’s life to understand that in many ways he is still just a young kid at heart, despite looking older than his stated age of 16. Unfortunately for Jamareon, this perception can lead to his caregivers having unrealistic developmental and behavioral expectations for him. Jamareon will need his caregiver’s support to help him stay on track academically as well as to model for him what it looks like to have healthy relationships and good boundaries. Parents who are structured yet flexible in their parenting style, and who can give Jamareon a fresh start each day will go far in helping him discover and believe in how much world-changing potential he truly has!

Jamareon’s team is searching for either a single or two parent family where he can be either the youngest, or the only child in the home. He would be much happier living in a larger town or metropolitan area than in a rural setting and would like to remain in the Southern Idaho area if possible, though his team is open to inquiries from families from other areas as well. Jamareon has already had so much loss in his life and would love to find a family that can support his ongoing contact with a few of his biological family members that remain important to him. If you believe that you are the family that Jamareon has been waiting for to come along, please inquire about him today!

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