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Meet Raymond.

WCID# 32563
Gender: Boy
Age: 12
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

This spirited boy describes himself as kind, smart and good in school! Raymond enjoys reading, playing basketball, drawing and painting. He loves country music and to be outside with his friends playing games like Freeze Tag and Capture the Flag. Raymond also enjoys church, pancakes and pizza. Raymond is a sweet boy, with big dreams for his future. He hopes to one day be a firefighter or police officer! Raymond needs an adoptive family that will be supportive of his dreams and engage with him in his daily activities. Raymond is very bright and creative. Given all that he has been through, Raymond still manages to keep smiling and keep others laughing. He can be quite the jokester! 

Raymond's permanency team is looking for a family that will be able to meet Raymond's individual needs and partner with community resources that will continue to help him learn, grow, and thrive. A family who is trauma informed and who may also have experience in TBRI parenting would be a fantastic fit. Raymond will need a family who values biological connections and is committed to supporting ongoing relationships with his siblings. 

If you are ready to start a lifelong adventure full of love and laughter with Raymond, please inquire to learn more about this special boy today!

Check out Raymond's KTVB interview here!

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Inquire about Raymond!

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