Meet Suzanne, Ethan, & Ian.

Thank you to Liz Littman and the crew at Zoo Boise for giving us a great experience and to Brian Tanner with Dark Horse Photography for his beautiful photos.

WCID# 54877
Gender: 3+ Siblings -Girl and Boys
Age: 11
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian,Latino/a or Hispanic

Meet Suzanne, Ethan and Ian- these amazing siblings are full of energy and 3 times the fun! As the oldest, Suzanne is very protective and can sometimes be a bit of a “mother hen” to her younger brothers, causing them to rebel at times. Quarrels are quickly forgotten however and most of the time, these 3 closely bonded siblings love to hang out and play together.

Suzanne is a beautiful girl with an outgoing personality and thoughtful, wise eyes. Sometimes she can be a bit shy when meeting new people. She loves rodeos, horses and every kind of animal but also dreams of being more of a girly-girl and would someday like to try dance lessons and cheerleading. Having a mom who would enjoy spending quality girl-time with her would be a perfect fit! Other than some struggles with Math, Suzanne is a great student and does well all around academically.

Middle child Ethan is very smart and also an excellent student. Some of his favorite things to do include playing video games, fishing, riding his bike, and going to the movies. Much like his sister, Ethan never met an animal he didn’t like and he can tell you all sorts of interesting animal facts. Ethan has a lot of energy and would love to try some sort of organized sport when he settles into his new Forever Home.

Youngest brother Ian is absolutely adorable! Like his older siblings, Ian excels in school and is an avid reader. His personality is bright and funny, though he can sometimes get emotional when trying to make sense of all he has been through in his young life. Ian likes to follow in his older brother Ethan’s footsteps and enjoys many of the same activities including exploring the outdoors, playing with animals, fishing and challenging people in video games.

These 3 special siblings have been through more than their fair share of grief and loss, yet their resilient spirit shines through and they present as really just typical kids for their age. They are open and loving and have such a huge capacity to attach and connect with their new adoptive family. Suzanne, Ethan and Ian have young adult biological siblings that they love and miss very much and would like to stay connected to. An ideal adoptive family for them would be someone who can value and support these important existing relationships whenever it is in the children’s best interest to do so. At this time, the children’s Permanency Team is interested in inquiries from families who reside in the Northwest only and who already have an approved adoptive home study.

There will never be a dull moment with these 3 incredible children in your life! If you feel that your family may be the perfect fit for Suzanne, Ethan and Ian, please inquire today for more information.

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