Meet Travis.

Travis is an outgoing young man who can also have a bit of a quiet and shy side at times when getting to know new people. Once he feels comfortable around you though, he becomes excited to open up and share information about himself. Travis has grown tremendously over the past year in terms of his ability to communicate and advocate for himself and his willingness to move out of his comfort zone and be open to new ideas and interests. He loves camping, hunting, fishing, swimming, boating, canoeing, riding horses and ATV’s, and going Geo-caching. He also enjoys sports like football and thinks it is important to stay busy and active and to spend a lot of time outdoors.

WCID# 38851
Gender: Boy
Age: 17
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

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Travis believes that you are never too old to need love, nurturing and unconditional acceptance from your family and is looking for those qualities in the people he surrounds himself with, even though he is becoming a young adult and gaining some independence. Some of his many strengths include being genuinely kind, thoughtful, helpful, and always trying to please the important people in his life. Travis is always the first to say thank you and to act if he sees a need he can meet. He has a great sense of humor, a wonderful smile and he thrives on positive attention from the adults in his life.

Travis is ready to be a Sr in High School this year. He is doing well academically on a modified curriculum and is set to graduate with his class. Travis recently began volunteering at a local rural fire department near him and dreams of being a fire fighter or a police officer one day. He is also interested in going on after high school to learn a trade like construction or welding. He enjoys building things and has shown talent in fixing things that are not working properly. Travis also recently received his driving permit and is excited to practice and perfect his driving skills so that he can get his license.

Some areas of need for Travis continue to center around his ability to learn, process or remember in the same way most other kids can. Travis needs parents who are able to set clear and firm boundaries, while helping him to understand why those boundaries are in his best interest. Travis is at his best in a very structured setting with caregivers who can give information in small doses. He needs parents who will give gentle and consistent reminders of appropriate behaviors and social interactions. Best results will be achieved when Travis feels safe, loved, and supported; when he knows that he is being heard and his feelings validated, and that he can work at his own pace to accomplish tasks and goals.

Travis’s Permanency Team is thinking outside of the box on how to best meet Travis’s needs as he moves forward into adulthood. They are open to hearing from families who may be interested in the possibility of adopting Travis, but also would love to hear from folks who might not be able to adopt Travis but might consider a Guardianship, so that he can have a solid family support system in place after he turns 18. Travis’s team would also love to find folks, particularly great male role models, who reside in the North Idaho area and would be interested in just mentoring and spending time with Travis doing the activities he enjoys. If you think you can be a support to Travis in any of these ways please inquire about him today!

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