Meet William, Wyatt, Westyn, Mariah, Wesley, & Marreaunna.

Special Thanks to Boise Aquarium and to Lauren Harms @shadylanestudios for the wonderful photography for these special kids! 

WCID# 44649
Gender: 3+ Siblings -Boys & Girls
Age: 10
Ethnicity/Race: Multi-racial

If your dream is to build your family all at once, this wonderful sibling group of 6 may be just who you’ve been waiting for!  Oldest brother William is thoughtful and studious.  He loves to read and to spend his summers learning new things-even though he doesn’t have to!  William is kind and sweet and very protective of all of his younger siblings.  He enjoys church camp, football, playing Fortnite and eating lasagna. 

Next in line is Wyatt, who is an outgoing young man who likes to climb trees, play football, and play with Legos with his brothers. This bright young man hopes to one day go to college to study about space. Wyatt tells us that he definitely wants prospective adoptive families to know that his best quality is that he is talented at so many different things!

Westyn is just a year younger than Wyatt and is funny and goofy. He loves to eat pizza and go to church and is a very social person. His favorite school subject is Math and he loves the math game Prodigy. Westyn is very good at drawing and someday would love to take a trip with his new family to visit the state of New Jersey.  

Mariah is a sweet little girl who loves swings, slides, helping out around the house, playing dress up, and anything having to do with Minnie Mouse! She is a very good listener who enjoys going to preschool and Sunday school. Mariah is very independent, but is always eager to please her caregivers. She especially loves her older brothers because they always make her laugh. Mariah says that she looks forward to being a mommy some day when she grows up.  

Wesley is an adorable little boy who is full of fun and energy! Some of his favorite activities include building with blocks, playing with trucks in the sand, super-hero books, and singing and dancing to kid’s songs. He loves vegetables and is a very healthy eater. Wesley has always bonded especially well with the important men in his life and is sure to be a constant sidekick for the Dad that is lucky enough to adopt this special little boy!

Youngest sister Marreaunna is the center of attention from all of her older siblings. This spunky little girl will melt your heart! She enjoys splash pads, sand boxes, dolls, purses, blocks, cartoons and singing. Anna, as she prefers to be called, loves to be held by her caregivers and is very good for her age at communicating what she needs. Anna is very attached to all of her siblings but shares a special bond with Mariah and Wesley, due to their closeness in age.  

 Though these special siblings have experienced much loss in their young lives, the commitment from their amazing foster families has provided them with a foundation of love and stability that has allowed them a safe space to heal, grow and flourish.  These 6 amazing siblings are fun and easy-going kids with only typical childhood behaviors.  They are on track for success and are generally meeting or exceeding typical milestones for other children their ages.  

The children’s Permanency Team describes the ideal family they are seeking as one who has a completed adoption home study in place and is committed to helping these children maintain their relationship with an older sister as well as other important people in their lives. If you believe you’re ready for the biggest adventure of your life, and you think that your family has what it takes to commit to keeping these spectacular siblings all together and providing them with a lifetime of love, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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