Meet Aiden.

WCID# 13045
Gender: Boy
Age: 12
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

Aiden is an adventurous, talented, fun and lovable boy who enjoys telling jokes. He also loves playing video games, drawing, doing puzzles, playing card games and trying out new magic tricks! Some of the outdoor activities that Aiden likes to spend time engaging in include playing football, basketball, frisbee and tennis. He also enjoys hiking, camping, swimming and fishing and would love to do these things with his new family!

Aiden is a bit of an old soul when it comes to his musical tastes, with his favorites being anything by Ray Charles or the Beatles. He loves to fly kites and is good at stacking cups and maneuvering fidget spinners. Aiden wants his new family to know that he can make awesome pancakes for breakfast and that he is always happy to go out to eat at McDonalds or at restaurants that have great shrimp! Aiden’s favorite subject in school is Art, and he works really hard to do well in his classes that don’t come as easy to him, especially Math and Language Arts. This sweet boy values helping others and feels fulfilled when he can be a part of things like cleaning up his local community. Aiden is bright and resilient and one days hopes to become a video game designer. Even when things are hard for him, he holds out hope that the Forever Family of his dreams is out there somewhere, just waiting for him to come along!

Aiden and his Permanency Team are searching for a family where he might be an only child. Parents who are fun-loving, patient and energetic-but also consistent and structured, would be such a great fit for this one of a kind boy! Aiden is currently a legal risk placement. If you feel that you may be just the family that Aiden has been waiting for, please inquire about this amazing young man today!

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Inquire about Aiden!

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