Meet Dakoda.

Special thanks to Kristine and the crew at the Boise Humane Society, for giving Dakoda a fun afternoon with the animals!

WCID# 46067
Gender: Boy
Age: 9
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

Dakoda is a sweet little boy who wants everyone to know that his favorite thing to do is to spend time cuddling with animals and with the people he loves! Dogs are his absolute favorite animal and he has a special bond with “Harper,” a therapy dog in his current foster placement.  

An active boy with an abundance of energy, Koda needs an active family with a mom and a dad who will create opportunities for him to get out all of his pent up energy. He loves to swing, play baseball and soccer, and ride horses. Koda is a big football fan and let us know that the Seattle Seahawks are his favorite team! He has participated in Boy Scouts in the past and would love to be able to do that again. Indoor activities that make him happy include crafts, origami, painting, drawing, reading books, playing with Transformers and playing video games-especially Minecraft. With a bit of a sweet-tooth, Koda’s favorite foods include rootbeer floats, ice cream, cookies and jelly beans! 

Koda prides himself on being a kind boy and says that he cares for his friends by “picking them up when they fall.”  He loves science, and always looks forward to his birthday and Christmas.  Koda would someday love to visit Europe with his Forever Family. 

Dakoda’s team is searching for any family that feels they may be a good fit for him, preferably one where he can be an only child, or have older sisters. A family with a strong understanding of childhood trauma and the needs it creates in children who come from hard places would be a perfect fit for Koda. Parents who possess patience, a calm demeanor and the ability to model for him and help him to use the coping skills he is mastering would be a great match!  Ideally, Koda’s new family will reside in or near the Treasure Valley and will support him in maintaining connections with some of his biological family members and other important people in his life who live in the area. If you feel you can provide Dakoda with the commitment and love this one of a kind boy deserves, please inquire today to learn more!    

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