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Meet Kaden D..

Idaho Wednesday's Child would like to give a big thank you to Bricks and Mini Figs, in Boise! Thank you for providing such a fun environment for Kaden's production! 

WCID# 41992
Gender: Boy
Age: 12
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

Meet Kaden, a sweet jokester who one day hopes to become a Marine Biologist, a mechanic or an architect. Kaden is amazing at building things! He loves to build with wood, legos or anything else he can find that gives him a creative outlet. He tells us that he once built a trident himself out of metal! Kaden dreams of having a Dad who will teach him to ride a motorcycle and help him build a giant tree fort.

Kaden’s other passions include playing chess and other board games, swimming, fishing, camping and playing basketball or football. He’s a diehard Golden State Warriors fan and also has top level skills when it comes to doing tricks with a yo-yo! This funny, kind young man loves all animals, particularly dogs and sharks. He works hard in school and lists Science, Math and English among his favorite subjects. A family who could be a strong educational advocate for Kaden would be a great fit! This deserving boy is hoping to find a family consisting of both a Mom and a Dad who are easy-going, patient and fun and would really love to be an only child if possible. Caregivers who are familiar with TBRI parenting would be an excellent match for him.

Kaden looks forward to traveling and celebrating holidays with his Forever Family. He has hopes that he will be with his new family by his next birthday and that they can all celebrate with his favorite food, a giant red velvet cake! Kaden is waiting for just the right family to choose him and longs for permanency and a sense of belonging. If you are looking for laughter, adventure and a lifetime of love, Kaden may be the missing piece to your family’s puzzle. We can’t wait to hear from you to see if your family is the one meant for Kaden!

Check out Kaden's KTVB interview here!

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