Waiting Children

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Fostering vs. Adoption


General Foster Care may be a good fit for your family if... You care about kids AND their families and want to make a difference in their lives. Though you realize it can be hard, you support children returning to their biological families. You are not in the season of life to make a life-long commitment, but want to help children for the next few years or so. You are excited to help young parents learn new skills. Though not necessarily your main motive for doing foster care, you are open to being a permanent long-term option should a child in your home need it at some point. (Called “concurrent family” and is completely optional).


Adoption may be a good fit for your family if... You cannot fathom the idea of children leaving your home once they have lived with you. You struggle with the choices birth families make that may have caused their children to come to foster care and may struggle with supporting the reunification process. You want to build your family through adoption. You have, are in the process of, or plan on getting your private homestudy